The Prometheus Pocket Pipe

The Prometheus Pocket Pipe is the smaller of PYP TEK’s Prometheus pipes. This pocket pipe measures in at about 4″ long by 2″ tall. What makes this pipe stick out in a crowd of otherwise ordinary glass pipes is its ability to withstand high impact, much due to its solid aluminum exoskeleton.


Anyone who has ever owned a glass piece will know that it can only end with shards of glass shattered about the floor, much like the pieces of your broken heart.

PYP TEK has taken the traditional glass bowl and made it more portable and durable with several well thought out features.

The Prometheus Pocket Pipe by PYP TEK is an American made smoke pipe providing the purity of glass with the durability of a metal pipe. Two separate glass pieces are protected by an aluminum cage that completely disassembles for easy cleaning.

The two glass pieces of the Prometheus Pocket Pipe float in the aluminum frame with the use of medical grade rubber o-rings. These rings act as a shock absorbing buffer and keep the sensitive glass from clinking and clanking against the hard protective cage. This design allows the pocket pipe to be dropped with a greatly reduced risk of cracking or shattering.


A carburetor hole is built into the aluminum frame and controls the smoke flow when in use. Covering the hole completes the vacuum seal for combustion to occur while uncovering the hole breaks the seal and allows air to enter for quick clearance of all collected smoke. If you have used a pipe or piece with a carb hole before then this will be no new feat but you will also know it is a necessary and effective feature.

A more unique structural design is the screen placement for the Prometheus. While most other bowls will put a screen in the bowl itself, PYP TEK’s Prometheus Pocket Pipe places the screen vertically between the bowl and stem. This is intended to keep flames off the metal screen while still being effective in keeping any debris or embers from coming in contact with your mouth. Keeping the metal screen away from the extreme heat source eliminates the risk of creating a dirty by product that can contaminate the flavor of your blend.


The screen falls out when the two pieces of the aluminum frame are disconnected. A design like this keeps you from prying and picking at the screen with any third party tools. This assures a longer life for your screen and saves you time and money.

All pieces completely come apart for quick and easy cleaning of the Prometheus Pocket Pipe. A little warm water and isopropyl alcohol takes care of cleaning the glass and aluminum pieces.


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